November 2017 Newsletter

Couples Corner

When life gets busy, it is often difficult to find time to connect with your spouse. Even though your relationship should be a high priority,  individuals often find themselves putting other things such as work, kids, and cleaning ahead of their relationship. You may expect that your relationship will always be there and that you can put off tending to it until another day, but the truth is that you have to continually tend to your relationship and find ways to connect with your partner regularly.

The article, "15 Ways to Connect with Your Spouse and Build a Strong Marriage - When Life Gets Crazy" offers some tips for connecting with your partner to help you make your relationship a priority and strengthen your relationship. Here are a few of the suggestions:

1. Establish your marriage as the primary relationship in your family.
2. Make time to talk every day.
3. Go to bed at the same time.
4. Work on projects together.
5. Let go of the little annoyances.

To read the rest of the suggestions click here.

Family Corner

If you have children and are in a relationship, it is likely that your parenting style differs from the parenting style of your partner. There will be times when you and your partner disagree about parenting, but the most important thing to remember is that the way you communicate with your partner has a greater impact on your children than your parenting style.

The Stay Married blog discusses how to navigate differences in parenting in their article 'What To Do When You Disagree About Parenting." They offer four ways to handle parenting disagreements: letting your partner parent, practicing the "same team" mentality in front of your children, talking about differences away from the kids, and getting a third party perspective.

To read the article and learn how to use these parenting strategies click here.

Individual Corner

Some of you may be familiar with the term FOMO; otherwise known as Fear of Missing Out. For those who don't know, FOMO is the feeling that occurs when we feel apprehensive that others may have a rewarding experience that we miss out on. FOMO often leads us to say yes to things to which we would rather say no.

For example, you go to a party you really don't want to attend because you're afraid if you don't go you might miss the opportunity to meet a potential mate. In reality we all know that extraordinary things only happen every once in a while and you are not likely to miss out on something great if you say no.

If you still find yourself wanting to say yes because you have FOMO, the article "Fear of Missing Out - Why We Say Yes When We'd Rather Say No" provides a list of questions to help you reality check yourself and figure out exactly what you're afraid of missing.

To read the article click here.

Happy November!
We hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and fall colors.

This month's Couples Corner article is so true! We have to prioritize our couple relationship if we want it to flourish. It's so easy to think we can just give our spouse what is left of us at the end of the day, but for many of us there isn't much left to give. We've already given most of ourselves away to work, kids, cleaning, hobbies, etc. There are great ideas in the article, and it also includes a printable list of the suggestions as a handy reminder. For assistance on reconnecting with your spouse, call for an appointment today.

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